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Olympia Fashion TV

New video show Olympia Fashion TV brings You a regular dose of fashion inspiration from Your favorite shops.


Olympia Fashion TV - 13. episode

We bring You the next parts of Olympia Fashion TV, this time dedicated to fashion for pregnant women. Ladies, You do not have to buy special maternity fashion right from the beginning, our beautiful model was during the filming of the fifth month of pregnancy and she is so nice :-)

Olympia Fashion TV - 12. episode

Summer is coming and we will sooner or later run out for sports at the meadows and fields :-) Dress up in style in our stores with our stylist.

Olympia Fashion TV - 11. episode

And there is a special handbag episode! Ladies, admit it, how many bags do you have at home? In our newly renovated shop Mendosína we have a large selection from elegant to sporty backpacks and luggage . There are beautiful handbags also in the shop RIEKER. Check out…

Olympia Fashion TV - 10. episode

Have you also taken your sister's clothes out of her closet? We´ll show you what an amazing pieces of clothes are right now in our stores, how to properly combine them and maybe we´ll convince you that you could lend somenting to your sister :-)

Olympia Fashion TV - 9. episode

We bring you a new "Kissing" part of the Olympia Fashion TV. Sometimes you do not have to spend half of your salary for a new outfit and you´ll be still chic and trendy.

Olympia Fashion TV - 8. episode

High-quality and well-fitting lingerie is the calling card of every woman. You can buy as underwear suitable for normal daily wearing as well as sexy sets for special occasions. And especially for the great prices!

Olympia Fashion TV – special episode

Going to the prom or other social event you want to be a lady? Gentlemen, do you think the suit is boring? On the contrary! In our special Olympia Fashion TV you´ll see that the suits and formal outfits are very sexy.


Olympia Fashion TV - 6. episode

A special party episode is here! The end of the year is approaching and with it the Christmas parties. Get inspired in our stores.


Olympia Fashion TV - 5. episode

Our stylist Gabča and Olga Lounová will tell you which fashion pieces you must not miss in your wardrobe this winter. Winter episode inspires you, what to wear this winter into the city and the mountains.


Olympia Fashion TV - 4. episode

What fashion trends brings you this autumn? Olga Lounová with her team will advise you in the next episode Olympia Fashion TV.


Olympia Fashion TV - 3. episode

Athlete or stylist? Finally something for men and boys;-)
Olga Lounová will present the fashion trends for this autumn. Aleš Lehký with his son will be her models.
Come to "tog" to the shopping centre Olympia Teplice, as advised by the stylist Gabča.

Olympia Fashion TV - 2. episode

Olympia Teplice and Olga Lounová brings you another episode of the Olympia Fashion TV and with it the hottest outfits in which you will be COOL not only this summer.

Olympia Fashion TV - 1. episode

A regular dose of current fashion trends from fashion experts, exclusively on the Olympia Fashion TV, which broadcasts from Olympia Teplice. Veronika Kašáková and blogger Rina present trends of spring 2015